Leaf Collector

Electric leaf vacuum truck

  • Power source: Pure electric
  • Trash capacity: 4.5CBM
  • Collection efficiency: 20000㎡/h

Small leaf collection tricycle

  • Power source: Oil-electric hybrid
  • Trash capacity: 800L
  • Collection efficiency: 5000㎡/h

Trailer-mounted tow-behind leaf collectors

  • Power source: gasline
  • Trash capacity: /
  • Collection efficiency: 5000㎡/h

Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum

  • Power source: gasoline
  • Trash capacity: 200L
  • Collection efficiency: 2000㎡/h

Electric leaf vacuum collector vehicle

  • Power source: ​Pure Electric
  • Trash capacity: 300L
  • Collection efficiency: 5000㎡/h

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