Street Sweeping Truck

Product Information:

Pure electric Street Sweeping Truck is my company after in-depth market research, the latest upgrade to create a small pure electric cleaning car, the car adopts cleaning mode, equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery, can make up for the large cleaning car is not convenient to enter the cleaning area, suitable for non-motorized lanes, back streets and airports, universities, parks, property and other pavement cleaning and cleaning operations. It has many functions such as pavement cleaning, super pavement cleaning, stone facade cleaning along the road, garbage and sewage recovery, high pressure washing and so on. In addition, the car is equipped with two modes of high and low pressure. According to the road cleanliness, high pressure operation and low pressure operation can be selected to effectively improve the battery life. The high pressure operation time for a single tank of clean water is 40 minutes, and the low pressure operation time is 70 minutes. The car is equipped with independent fast charging, which can dock with national standard charging pile and charge 100% in 1 hour. Can realize all-weather operation. It is a new type of cleaning and sweeping car that changes from dry to wet, without replacing the filter element. Compared with the traditional small road sweeper, it has the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, good effect and no dust.

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Technical contentTechnical parameters
Overall dimension


Total vehicle quality2695kg
Battery typeLithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity46.5KWh
Sweep width2.3m
Cleaning efficiency20000㎡/h
Water Tank Volume1500L
Garbage Hopper 1200L

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