Electric road washer and sweeping vehicle

  • Garbage bin capacity: 1000L
  • Sweeping speed: 5-10KM/H
  • Recharge mileage: 6-7H

Product Information:

Electric road washer and sweeping vehicle is a small pure electric washing and sweeping truck developed by our company after in-depth market research. Entering the cleaning area, it is suitable for quick cleaning and cleaning operations of non-motorized vehicle lanes, sidewalks, back streets and alleys, airports, universities, parks, properties and other pavements. It has many functions such as road cleaning, super road cleaning, roadside stone facade cleaning, garbage and sewage recycling, and high-pressure washing. In addition, the car is equipped with two modes of high and low pressure. According to the cleanliness of the road, high-pressure operation and low-pressure operation can be selected, which can effectively improve the battery life. The high-pressure operation time of a single tank of clean water is up to 40 minutes, and the low-pressure operation is up to 70 minutes. The car is equipped with an independent fast charge, which can charge 100% in 2-3 hours. All-weather operation is possible. It is a new type of sweeper that turns dry sweeping into wet sweeping, without the need to replace the filter element. Compared with traditional small sweepers, it has the advantages of high sweeping efficiency, good effect, and no dust.

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