Electric high pressure street washing tricycle

Product Information:

Electric high pressure street washing tricycle also as “small high-pressure water sweeper”, has multi-functional washing operation ability, and is mainly used for rapid washing and cleaning of urban sidewalks, auxiliary roads, and roadside stones, as well as urban small advertisement cleaning, fruit peel boxes and Trash can flushing, ground dirt removal, floor tile restoration, bus stop flushing, public toilet flushing, etc. It can work together with small road sweepers to quickly clean sidewalks and auxiliary roads, and the work efficiency is higher. The vehicle is small in size, light in weight, strong in passing, and will not cause damage to other public facilities such as sidewalk floor tiles and manhole covers. The use of high-quality electric tricycle chassis is easy to operate, and can be operated by ordinary sanitation workers.


ChasisPremium electric tricycle/
Recharging mileage50-60KM
Maxmiume pressure25MPA
Water tank capcacity580L
Extension tube15M
Pump displacement15L/MIN
Flushing modefront,left,right flush/handheld gun flush/
vehicle size3050*1020*1300MM

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