4 Wheel Electric Garbage Side Loader

Product Information:

Side-mounted four-wheel electric truck BY-L30 1. The vehicle adopts three-dimensional forward modular design,  with novel and fashionable appearance, strong and durable structure, complete functions, excellent interchangeability,  reliability, safety and many other advantages.

2. The whole cab is made of metal material with patent profile shape. With front face double glass construction  (optional metal construction), sliding window glass door, it looks beautiful, fashionable and reliable.

3. Chassis:  the main longeron is designed as large-size sectional profile and connected by seamless steel tube beam,  which has good bearing performance,  reliable strength and torsional resistance. It also has four wheel hydraulic brake with vacuum power,  making it safe and reliable.

4. Box:  adopting 201 stainless steel sheet metal process design, the box is beautiful,  rust. And the garbage dumping is convenient.

5. Side hanging type tipping mechanism:  using steel side hanging type tipping mechanism, 240 liters of standard garbage can can be lifted self-tipping,  with smooth operation, high degree of automation, which makes it more convenient to use.

6. Others:  modular design, the inspection and maintenance of power unit and electric control is fast and convenient,  making it more convenient to use.

The vehicle is widely used in sanitation,  urban construction and other departments for bulk and barreled garbage clearance and transfer operations.


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