Pure Electric Side Mounted Hydraulic Lifting Garbage Tricycle

Product Information:

1. High-grade FRP material, smooth lines, strong and durable, novel and beautiful

 2. Special hydraulic system device, one person can complete the garbage collection, loading and unloading 

3. Fully enclosed box structure, adapt to various environments cleaning operation requirements and prevent the second throwing of garbage 

4. Radial vacuum tire, wear resistance, long service life 

5. Standard EPS electronic power steering system, steering more portable 

6. Chassis adopts mini car chassis structure, front and rear driving hydraulic brake, with good stability and safety 

7. The control button can realize the automatic conversion of the functions of trash can lifting and lowering, and the box rising and falling.

 8. Lithium battery is optional for this model.


Project nameparameterunit
Travel motor72/2.5V/KW
Rated occupant1people
recharge mileage≥60KM
curb weight1500KG
Bin capacity2.5CBM
Hanging barrel/square barrel time8S
unloading time30S
Vehicle size3550x1250x2050MM