Rear loading garbage truck

Product Information:

Rear loading garbage truck is powered by batteries, which is economical, environmentally friendly, and has a beautiful appearance. It is mainly used for collecting trash cans. The truck is in the form of rear-loading garbage, equipped with a scraper, which can be simply compressed, increasing the volume of the garbage can, and the standard 240-liter garbage can can hold 20-25 barrels. The carriage is a self-unloading type, which can be connected to large, medium and small garbage compression trucks, which saves time to and from the transfer station and improves work efficiency.

At present, it has been widely used in urban sanitation, urban and rural sanitation, municipal gardens, property cleaning, factories, schools, hospitals and other places for collection and transfer.


Project nameparameterunit
Travel motor72/7.5V/KW
Rated occupant2people
recharge mileage≥80KM
curb weight1900KG
Bin capacity3.5CBM
Hanging barrel/square barrel time8S
unloading time30S
Vehicle size4150x1450x2000MM