Electric leaf vacuum truck

Product Information:

Electric leaf vacuum truck BY-T50 is the fourth-generation upgraded product of our company, which can effectively solve the pain points of concentrated leaves, large volume, difficult to collect and difficult to transport during the concentrated deciduous season. The car is equipped with a 4.5 cubic rubbish bin and is equipped with a two-stage dust removal and filtration system, which has the characteristics of large storage capacity and no dust. The large suction fan can quickly collect scattered and piled leaves. The unique fan mechanism design can break and compress the leaves, greatly reduce the volume of the leaves, make the storage capacity larger, and effectively solve the problems of difficult storage and transfer. Greatly improve work efficiency. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a high-pressure washing system, which can be used as a high-pressure washing vehicle in non-deciduous seasons to perform high-pressure washing operations on curbs, sidewalks, non-motorized vehicle lanes, and trash cans. One machine has multiple functions, which effectively improves the utilization rate of the whole vehicle.


Project nameparametersunits
Power Source
Lithium battery/
Rated occupant2people
Maximum pressure20MPA
tank capacity1000+500L
How it worksSuction/
Max. trash bin volume4.5CBM
Cleaning methodVacuum collection + high pressure washing

Max. clean water tank volume0.6