Small leaf collection tricycle

Product Information:

Small leaf collection tricycle adopts gasoline-electric hybrid power, which is easy to operate, novel in appearance, small in size and strong in passability. The car has the functions of leaf collection, crushing, filtering and so on. Equipped with an extendable straw, it can collect fallen leaves from green belts, lawns, and sanitary dead corners. The vehicle is equipped with suction cups to collect fallen leaves from the road. The unique garbage bin storage device can directly bag the leaves, avoid the secondary collection caused by dumping garbage, and greatly improve the efficiency of leaf transfer processing. The vehicle is equipped with a central suction cup to collect fallen leaves from the road.


ChasisPremium electric tricycle/
Recharge mileage
Maxmium pressure
Max. trash bin volume500L
Extension tube15M
pump displacement15L/MIN
Flushing methodleft&right fushing/line flushing/
Vehicle size3000*1750*1600MM