Trailer-mounted tow-behind leaf collectors

Product Information:

Trailer-mounted tow-behind leaf collectors BY-T3 is specially designed for the emergency assault of a large number of concentrated fallen leaves and light garbage in autumn, and it has its own power operation. It can quickly load and transfer a large number of leaves and garbage, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve work efficiency and collection speed. It can work with flatbed trucks, trucks, garbage trucks, etc. Equipped with a 6-8 meter extendable soft walking hose, one stop can quickly and easily collect fallen leaves and garbage within a diameter of 10 meters around the machine. Easily solve areas that are difficult for large machines to clean such as roads, lawns, green belts, and corners, collect their respective light garbage, and smash, collect and transport these parts of the garbage into transfer vehicles. The shredding function reduces the volume of waste, reducing transport times and costs.


Engine power18HP
Handheld straw length6-8M
Dust reduction methodAtomization and dust reduction/
Pump power45W
wheel bace1160MM
Maxmium speed5KM/H
Water tank capacity200L
Vehicle size2200x1460x1500MM