Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum

Product Information:

Push type vacuum leaf collector is a new type of leaf collection equipment produced by our company using the European leaf collection concept and combined with the actual situation in China. walk. The garbage storage bag adopts a convenient way, which is easy to replace the garbage and has a low cost of use. The suction port can be equipped with an extension tube to absorb fallen leaves and garbage in the green belt. The height of the suction mouth is adjustable, and it can easily collect and clean the area with thick fallen leaves or large thorn leaves. At present, it is widely used in sanitation sidewalks, gardens, property communities, campuses, parks, squares, factories and workshops


Engine power5.5HP
Start methodManual start/Electric start/
Width of working area730MM
Trash bin capacity200L
unload mathodquick change garbage bag/
Fuel tank capacity3.6L
Travel wayhand pushed/Automotic/
Vehicle size1450*800*1150MM