Road Maintenance Truck

Product Information:

Road Maintenance Truck, also known as “Street Washer”, has the ability of multi-functional washing operation, mainly used for urban sidewalks, side roads, the rapid washing and cleaning of the stone along the road, as well as urban small advertising cleaning, leather boxes and garbage cans washing, ground dirt removal, floor tiles to restore the original color, bus stop washing, public toilet washing. It can work together with small road sweeper to clean the sidewalks and side roads quickly, and the operation efficiency is higher. Small size, light weight, strong passability, and will not cause damage to the sidewalk tile, manhole cover and other public facilities. The vehicle chassis adopts Changan chassis SC1031XND64BEV, cold riveting splicing process, electrophoresis paint, equipped with large-size tires and shock absorber, easy to cope with high load conditions. And the operation keys can be completed in the cab equipped with cold and warm air conditioning operation, simple and convenient operation, safety, power saving, energy saving, environmental protection and so on.


Technical contentTechnical parameters
Overall dimension


Maximum range>=100KM
Battery typeLithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity41.5Kwh
Pump power of cleaning machine7.5kw
Tank size1500L
High pressure flush pressure>=20Mpa