Electric deep clean road sweeper

Product Information:

This is a small electric deep cleaning vehicle. Electric deep clean road sweeper is a high-efficiency sanitation vehicle integrating deep cleaning and high-pressure cleaning. The whole vehicle is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries. The vehicle is small in size and low in noise, which can make up for large deep cleaning vehicles. Inaccessible areas. It has multiple functions such as super road cleaning, roadside stone facade cleaning, garbage and sewage recycling, and high-pressure washing. The pavement looks brand new after deep cleaning. The water tank capacity of the vehicle can be continuously operated for 40 minutes, and it is equipped with an antifreeze system in winter. In addition, the car is equipped with Baiyi intelligent sanitation AI system, which can realize the monitoring of the whole life cycle of the vehicle, and perfectly link the elements of people, vehicles, things and things in the sanitation operation. The vehicle is equipped with an independent fast charge, which can charge 100% in 2-3 hours, and can work continuously for 4-5 tanks of water on a single charge.


project nameparameterunit
Deep cleaning width1.1M
cleaning efficiency3000-4000㎡/h
cleaning methodNegative pressure vacuuming + front row flushing + hand-held high pressure gun flushing
Working time for a single tank of water40MIN
trash can volume1100L
Battery Type72 (lithium iron phosphate battery)V
Comprehensive battery life6-7H
charging time2-3H
Vehicle size4500*1450*2200MM