Electric road sweeper

Product Information:

Electric road sweeper adopts pure electric, which is economical and environmentally friendly, with low energy consumption and cost saving. is powered by battery, which is economical and environmentally friendly. In the non-sweeping state, the car has a fast transition speed and good passability. The height of the dustbin and the brush box can be adjusted, which solves the defects of the traditional sweeper, such as poor passability, grinding the ground of the gear leather, and difficulty in passing the acceleration and deceleration belts; stylish appearance , flexible operation, easy to clean stones, sand, dust, water bottles, paper scraps, fallen leaves and other garbage. It is more suitable for use in urban sidewalks, auxiliary roads, back alleys, factories, property communities, colleges and other places.


project nameparameterunit
Operating Voltage60V
Rated occupant1people
trash can volume150L
battery life6-8H
Power travelling motor3000W
Working walking speed10KM/H
water tank volume120LL
Vehicle size 2350*1055*1900mm