Small Road Pressure Washer Tricycle

Product Information:

Pressure washer tricycle, also known as “small electric road washing”, has multi-functional washing operation capabilities, and is mainly used for the rapid washing and cleaning of urban sidewalks, auxiliary roads, and curbstones, as well as urban small advertisement cleaning, fruit peel boxes and trash cans. Flushing, ground dirt removal, floor tile restoration, bus stop flushing, public toilet flushing, etc. It can work together with small road sweepers to quickly clean sidewalks and auxiliary roads, and the work efficiency is higher. The vehicle is small in size, light in weight, strong in passing, and will not cause damage to other public facilities such as sidewalk floor tiles and manhole covers. The vehicle is equipped with an operation alarm device and night reflective strips, which are suitable for day and night operations. The unique “working speed mode”, “water level alarm device” and “high and low speed adjustment” can improve the safety factor of the operation. The high-quality electric tricycle chassis is used for simple operation, which can be operated by ordinary sanitation workers.


ChasisZongshen load chasis/

Reated driver

Maxmium pressure25MPA
Water tank capacity500/700L
Extension tube15M
Oil tank capactiy25L
Working voltage60V
Flushing moderight,left and front fllush/handheld flush/
Vehicle size3100*1000*1600MM