Small Tricycle Electric Water Tankers

Product Information:

Electric sprinkler is a new product developed by our company for properties, gardens, factories, universities, construction sites and other places. The whole vehicle is powered by batteries, which is economical and environmentally friendly, and has a beautiful appearance. It is mainly used for road watering and dust reduction, greening and watering, and emergency fire fighting. The car has the characteristics of convenient movement, complete functions and large carrying capacity. Widely used in property, garden, factory, university, construction site and other road sprinkler and dust reduction, green watering, emergency firefighting.


ChasisLoad chasis/
Rated drive1People
Recharging mileage60-80KM
Water tank capacity1500L
Maxmium grage15%
Working modesprinkle/fog cannon/
Maxmium height15M
vehicle size3750x1400x2100MM